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Patients Need To Know Chiropractic Risks
State board should require notice of possible risk
Hartford Courant Editorial
February 19, 2010
The State Board of Chiropractic Examiners is expected to vote soon on whether to require chiropractors to inform patients of the possible risk of stroke that has been linked to an adjustment to the neck called cervical spine manipulation.

Stroke has sometimes been the result of the procedure, say patients who testified at recent hearings before the state regulatory board. An informed patient could be on the lookout for stroke symptoms and seek early treatment.

Efforts to require informed consent, made by former chiropractic patients who claim injury from the controversial procedure, have been derailed in the legislature. They are now seeking relief before a board composed of two public members who are not chiropractors, along with four chiropractors. The former patients worry that the board will be biased. If the board does not require "informed consent," the next step could be a lawsuit.

It shouldn't come to that.

Medical doctors inform their patients of the risks of major procedures. Why shouldn't chiropractors? It just makes sense.

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